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Content Manager mode



Admins in Pro accounts have the extended permission to enter Content Manager Mode (CMM).

This feature enables admins to:

  • View, edit or delete any folder or document
  • Add/Remove members and guests in any folder or document
  • Add/Remove team ownership in any team
  • Delete messages from any team, page, or group chat

Entering Content Manager mode

  1. In the left navigation in desktop app or browser, click the gear icon next to the organization name.
  2. Select Organization settings
  3. Click Enter Content Manager mode
  4. You’ll receive a pop-up confirming that you want to enter content manager mode so click Yes.

Once you are in Content Manager mode you will see a banner appear in the left navigation. At that time you will have access to view and manage all folders, documents, and members regardless of the sharing settings or your membership status in that folder.

Leaving Content Manager mode

Just click the Exit link in the banner that appeared in the left navigation.

Deleteing a chat message in Content Manager mode

  1. Locate the chat message and on hover select the 3-dot menu.
  2. Select Delete message.


The message will be deleted, but the member’s name, avatar, and time of the original message will remain. In addition, a time stamp of when the message was removed will display.

Content Manager mode

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