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Create and Use a Calendar Document


Samepage makes it easy to create a calendar, and multiple calendars if necessary, to hold events that are important for your team. If you are running a marketing team you can create a general calendar for the marketing team, and then a different calendar for each of the marketing campaigns, etc.. With these calendars inside of a Folder your entire team has visibility to the events and can access them at any time from anywhere on any device.

Calendars are just one type of Document that Samepage provides. Please see our Create a Document article for more details about our document types.

Create a Calendar

As explained in the Create a Document article, inside the folder where you want the Calendar to reside click the Create new button and select the Calendar option. Once selected Samepage will create and open the Calendar so you can start adding events.

Create an Event

Please see our help article Create an Event for information on how to populate the Calendar with events.

Chat in Events

Please see our help article Event Chat for how to have contextualized conversations in Events.

Create and Use a Calendar Document

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