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Create and Use a Task Report


The Task Report document is a great way to get better visibility over the work of individuals, teams, departments, projects, or your whole company. Or if you are a team leader, you can create a report in a private folder for each of your direct reports, and share the appropriate report with each of them. Or you can use the Task Report for resource planning and to restructure work assignments if one or another resource is at capacity.

You can create the Task Report in any folder, and you can create as many of them as you need. The reports respect global access rights so whoever opens a saved report sees only what they are allowed to view, regardless of which folder the Task Report resides in.

Task Reports are just one type of Document that Samepage provides. Please see the help article Create a Document for more details about our document types.

Create a Task Report

As explained in the Create a Document article, inside the folder where you want the Task Report to reside click the Create new button and select to create a Task Report. Once selected Samepage will create and open the Task Report so you can select the parameters of your report.

Define Task Report Parameters

Below the title of the Task Report is the blue Filter button. The Filter displays the options you can choose to configure the task report. You can select any combination of these options, and even multi-select them, and your options are:

  • Progress
  • Due Date
  • Assignee or Participants (multi-select option)
  • Created By  (multi-select option)
  • Folder (multi-select option)
  • Display (full view to minimalist)
  • Group by (i.e. due date, assignee, etc.)


The multi-select option in the task report makes the task reports that much more effective and powerful to assess your resources and accurately plan those resources. For example, let’s say you have a department that spans multiple folders, you can select all of the folders and now you have a Departmental task overview. Or perhaps you need a dashboard view of all tasks, the task report allows you to select multiple Assignees to see what all of your users are working on.

Chat in Tasks

Please see our help article Task Chat for how to have contextualized conversations in Tasks.

Create and Use a Task Report

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