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Embed HTML Code in a Page


With Samepage, you can embed HTML code directly to your page. Embedding HTML enables you to add visual or interactive content such as videos, presentations, surveys and more. 

Embedding HTML

If a website with content you’d like to share has an ’embed’ link, simply copy the entire HTML code and paste it directly to the page.

Or, you can click the floating plus sign on your page, select HTML from the list, and paste the link in the space provided. 

Embed HTML

Embedding a Google Doc

Below is an advanced tip if you want to embed a Google Doc onto your page. You’ll need two things:

  1. This iFrame code: <iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”400″ width=”750″ scrolling=”yes” src=”GOOGLE LINK GOES HERE“></iframe>
  2. The shareable link from your Google doc


On your page, click the floating plus and select HTML from the list. Type the iFrame code from above in the HTML field. 

Paste the Google link in the iFrame code in between the quotation marks, where it says “GOOGLE LINK GOES HERE”.

More Information

When embedding an iFrame, setting the width to 100% is generally a good idea. It’ll help in ensuring a proper display on mobile devices and other small screens. Many platforms give you iFrame code that includes a set width, such as width=”560″.  Simply change the 560 to 100% and your iFrame will automatically adjust to fit the size of your screen.

Embed HTML Code in a Page

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