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Keyboard Shortcuts


For those users who want keyboard shortcut options in Samepage here are the ones that we have currently:

General Shortcuts

Refresh any screen

  • Windows: CTRL + R
  • Mac: CMD + R

Resize and Minimize document chat/agenda panel

Hover on the left edge of the chat panel until you see the drag and resize icon, and then click and drag to expand, minimize, or hide the chat panel.

Alternately, click on the blue Chat button at the top of the chat panel to hide or unhide the chat panel.

Minimize direct messages chat dialog

When the cursor is inside the direct messages chat dialog click the Esc key to minimize the dialog.

Maximize direct messages chat dialog

In the black panel press ALT + and click on a name in your direct messages list and the chat will open in full-screen mode.

Alternately, inside the direct messages chat dialog click the double arrow icon to open the chat in the full-screen mode.


  • Windows: CTRL + J
  • Mac: CMD + J


JumpTo is a feature that will jump you to different areas in the app. You can JumpTo different folders, sub folders, pages, direct messages, etc.

  • Windows: ALT + J
  • Mac: Option + J

Emoji Picker

You can launch the emoji picker when your cursor is in the chat input by typing the following:

  • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + E
  • Mac: CMD + SHIFT + E


After the emoji picker is open you can use your arrow keys to navigate the picker and select the emjoi.

Document-related Shortcuts

Open the "Floating Plus Sign" menu (to add a new content type to a document)

  • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + your keyboard’s plus button
  • Mac: CMD + SHIFT + your keyboard’s plus button

Lock or unlock a document

  • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + L
  • Mac: CMD + SHIFT + L

Create new line in chat or in cell in table or Sheet

  • Windows: SHIFT or CTRL + ENTER
  • Mac: SHIFT or CMD + ENTER

Insert a link on a document

  • Windows: CTRL + K
  • Mac: CMD + K

Create a link from highlighted text pages, tasks, events, and comments

  • Windows: CTRL + K
  • Mac: CMD + K

Select all document content

  • Windows: CTRL + A
  • Mac: CMD + A

Copy selected document content

  • Windows: CTRL + C or CTRL + INSERT
  • Mac: CMD + C

Cut selected document content

  • Windows: CTRL + X
  • Mac: CMD + X


  • Windows: CTRL + V or SHIFT + INSERT
  • Mac: CMD + V

Print document using keyboard shortcuts

  • Windows: CTRL + P
  • Mac: CMD + P

Create a FAST checklist

  • Open bracket “[” followed by a closed bracket “]” then a space and the title of the first item in your checklist. Hit your return or enter key to create the FAST checklist.

Keyboard Shortcuts

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