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Start Voice and Video Calls


Connecting with individuals, groups, and entire teams via voice or video on Samepage is easy. In most cases, you can call anyone with just a click or two.

The Samepage calling feature has been engineered for small group and ad hoc conversations between 2-15 users.

Video calls are capped at 6 users.

Audio calls are capped at 15 users.

Samepage calling is available on the Samepage Desktop App, mobile, and browsers that support webRTC technology.

Screen sharing is only available in the desktop app.

Starting a call on desktop or web app

  1. Navigate to the left panel and click on the call icon
  2. Select the people or person you want to call
  3. Click START CALL

If you want to call someone direct you can also hover over their avatar anywhere in Samepage and select the  CALL button.

Starting a call on mobile

  1. Go to the bottom navigation and click on the direct message and call icon
  2. Click the call icon
  3. Name the call (optional)
  4. Select the people you want to call
  5. Click START CALL
DM and call icon mobile
Mobile call icon
Mobile start call

Start Voice and Video Calls