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Assign Admin or User Manager Role


Samepage provides two types of admin roles:

  • Admininstrator: the highest user role within an organization. The admin is a member with extended permissions to manage users, the subscription, licensing, and the organization overall.
  • User Manager (available in Samepage Pro only): a member with extended permissions to manage other users.


Below is a full list of permissions by role: 

*User Manager cannot enable/disable Admin login or remove Admin

Samepage Pro admins have the exclusive permission to enter the Content Manager mode — the ability to access, edit, or delete any or all content across the organization and delete messages posted by other users. For this reason, we recommend you assign the Admin role only to those people who need full administrative capabilities, and assign the User Manager role to all others who need to manage membership in the organization.

Assigning the Admin or User Manager Role

The Users and Groups screen allows Administrators and User Managers to manage members and guests.

To assign the Admin or User Manager role to another member, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the gear icon next to the organization name
  2. Click Users and Groups
  3. On the Users and Groups screen locate the desired user
  4. Select Admin or User Manager from the drop-down menu in the Role column

Assign Admin or User Manager Role

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