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Create and Use a Sheet or Table


A Sheet is a large spreadsheet document type which can be used to store and work with data. For example, you can create a Sheet to store financial information or a contact list for members in your organization.

Sheet is just one type of Document that Samepage provides. Please see the help article Create a Document for more details about our document types.

A Table can be created inside of a Page document type and can be used for the same purposes. Placing a Table in a page however allows the data in the Table to be in context with the other information related to it.

Both Sheets and Tables share the features listed below. 

Create a Sheet

As explained in the Create a Document article, inside the folder where you want the Sheet to reside click the Create new button and select to create a Sheet. Once selected Samepage will create and open the Sheet so you can start adding the data.

Create a Table on a Page

  1. Inside the Page where you want the Table to reside, click on the floating plus sign
  2. Select to add a Table
  3. Samepage will create the Table and highlight cell A1 so that you can begin to adding data

Chat in a Sheet or Table

Please see our help article Document Chat for how to have contextualized conversations in the Sheet.

Please see our help article on Chat Threads for how to have contextualized conversations about content in a table.

Editing a Sheet or Table

The “edit column or row” toolbar button allows you to:

  • insert a row above or below
  • insert a column before or after
  • delete a selected row
  • delete a selected column

You can also right-click in the cell to prompt this menu to appear.

Formatting Text in a Cell

Click the “text overflow” toolbar button to display the drop-down menu. From here, you have the option to select:

  • Overflow Text – text will flow over to adjacent cell(s)
  • Wrap Text – row height will expand to fit text
  • Hide Overflow Text – overflow text will not display into adjacent cell

Merging Cells

To merge cells together, select the cells you want to merge. Then, click the “merge cells” button on the toolbar.

Quick Tip: You can highlight cells by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Arrow keys.

Resizing Columns

To resize one column:

For Tables: Hover cursor over the column heading, then drag blue handle to desired width.

For Sheets: Hover the cursor over the column heading and use the native handle to expand the column

To resize multiple columns:

Select the columns you want to resize. Drag any of the blue handles to change width of selected columns.

Sorting Rows

Select the rows you want, then click the “sort” toolbar button to:

  • Ascend rows
  • Descend rows

If the cells include text, they are sorted alphabetically. If the cells include numbers, they are sorted from the lowest or highest number.

Using Table Functions

Click the “functions” (fx) toolbar button and select the function you want.

You can also select a cell, type the equal sign and the function name. Samepage offers you a list of available functions as you type, along with a description of the action.

NOTE: when writing cell functions, arguments are separated by semicolons. For example, =roundup(3.14;1).

Table Only Features

There are two features reserved for Tables only.

  1. Importing/exporting CSV files
  2. Hiding Table headings and gridlines

Importing and exporting .csv files

Tables support the import and export of .csv files. To access these options, hover over the table and click the 3-dot menu that appears to the right of the table.

Hiding Table Headings and Gridlines

Click the “table layout” toolbar button to display menu options. From here, you can select the box(es) to:

  • hide column heading
  • hide row heading
  • hide gridlines

Create and Use a Sheet or Table

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