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Create and Use Discussion Document



Discussion documents are channel-like chat and discussion areas where members of your team can come together to discuss your larger projects, break out conversations to their own threads, or have general discussions with your vendors or customers. You can have as many Discussion documents as you like in any given folder.

Possible use cases:

  • create a customer folder to work directly with your customer on projects, and create a single Discussion document for your general conversations with the customer
  • create multiple Discussion documents in your Finance folder, one for Accounts Receivable, one for Accounts Payable, and one for general Accounting discussions, etc.
  • create multiple Discussion documents in your Engineering folder, one for each Sprint so you can talk about the progress of the Sprint, stumbling blocks, etc.

Create and Use a Discussion

As explained in the Create a Document article, inside the folder where you want the Discussion document to reside click the Create new button. From the options, select to create a Discussion.

Once you select to create a Discussion, Samepage will create and open the Discussion so you can give it a title and start posting your messages. In the Discussion you can post messages to others and also post @mentions to other content.

Sometimes in Discussions or group chats a user will insert a new thread (i.e. ask a question) into an ongoing discussion thus interrupting the flow of the conversation. You can copy these new threads using your Keyboard Shortcuts and paste them into a new Discussion document to break out the conversation and separate it from the ongoing discussion. The user could also opt to just create a new Discussion document to post the unrelated question, therefore keeping the integrity and flow of the ongoing discussion intact.

Creating a Discussion on Mobile

  1. Inside the Folder where you want the Discussion to reside, click on the blue + icon.
  2. Choose Discussion.
  3. Give your Discussion a title and click Create.

Create and Use Discussion Document

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