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Working with Files on a Page


Samepage makes it easy for you to share files and you can do that by uploading files as File Documents, you can upload them in to chat messages (not recommended for extensive file sharing), and you can upload files to Page documents.

Uploading files to Page documents gives you more contextual information about that file, especially if it’s a part of a larger project. You can have all of the information about a project uploaded to a single page so that all of the information about the project is centralized in one place.

Adding New Files To A Page

You have two options for adding files to a page:

  • Drag & Drop – on the web and desktop apps you can drag files from your computer and drop them to any location on a page
  • Use the Floating Plus sign – on the web and desktop apps click on the floating plus sign on a page, choose File from the menu, and then select the file that you want to upload. On the mobile app click on the page, click on the plus sign in the bottom context menu, select File from the menu, and then select the file that you want to upload
Upload file to a page

Opening and Editing Files

You have two options for working with files on a Page document:

  • Download – downloads the file to your computer where you can edit it locally
  • Direct File Editing¬†(Open In) – downloads that version of the file (which will always be the most recent) to a temporary folder on your machine and launches it in the native application for you to edit


Notes: You must be on the Samepage desktop app to use the direct file editing feature. Editing files on mobile is currently not supported, only file preview is supported at this time.

Uploading New File Version To A Page

To replace an outdated or existing file on a page document, hover your mouse over the file and from the 3-dot menu select “Upload New Version”.

This is not currently supported on mobile.

More Information

If you try to open a file that is currently open by another user, you will receive a “File Locked” message. Please see the Getting “File Locked” Message article for assistance.

For information on file version history please see the View Document History article.

Working with Files on a Page

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